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Board of Directors

WWCC is fortunate to have a Board of Directors that not only attend monthly meetings, but are also active participants in helping to operate and manage our local non-profit organization.

Today, we have a diverse board with a wide range of business skills and experience. This team has made major accomplishments in assisting with the needs of Veterans and their families in our community.

While WWCC was founded twelve years ago , it wasn’t until eight years ago that we incorporated into a non-profit 501 (c) 3 Veterans organization. Three of the original five board members are still with us; Dale, MarieElena, and Anthony has been with our team for the last ten years.

Our board worked to rewrite our vision and mission statement four years ago, which helped move us from a single-focused charity with annual revenues of approximately $200,000 a year to last year raising more than $1 million for Veterans and their families in the areas of housing, mental health and education.

In the last 3 ½ years , our Warrior Homes program is now operating four housing sites, the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta houses.

We are committed to ensure that no Veteran is left behind in Collier County.

Dale A. Mullin


Vietnam Veteran 1967-68
Retired Business Executive
Naples, FL

Steve Purcell

Vice President

USMC, Vietnam Veteran 1968-1969
Retired Financial Executive
Naples, FL

Marie Elaina Mullin


Retired Worldwide Sales
Naples, FL

Sean Boddicker


U.S. Army, 1989-1997
Vice President, SOX PMO, Gartner
Naples, FL

Anthony Petretta


N.J. National Guard 1964-1970
Retired Business Executive
Naples, FL

Joe Holmes


U.S. Army Veteran
Retired Investment Counseling
Naples, FL

Thomas M. Collins, Ph.D.


U.S. Navy Contracted Psychologist
Licensed Psychologist
Naples, FL

Diego Gil, Jr., Esq.


U.S. Navy Veteran 2003-2008
Ave Maria School of Law
Cape Coral, FL



Army National Guard, Col (Ret)
Iraq Veteran
Ave Maria Law School
Cape Coral, FL



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