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Mental Health

Did you know that a high percentage of Veterans returning home from today’s wars suffer from mental health/substance abuse issues that result in difficulties adjusting back into civilian life?
Sadly, Veteran suicide rates are twice the national average at 22 per day and many Veterans end up in the court system and need services that are outside their financial resources.
Through our mental health initiatives, WWCC is able to help fund mental health care for Veterans in need at the David Lawrence Center. Thus far, we have assisted 29 Veterans without VA eligibility or health insurance and counting.
WWCC has also implemented a full-time dedicated Veteran Case Manager in conjunction with David Lawrence Center with 16-18 veterans and their families served each week. This program was funded by a grant from the Collier Community Foundation.
Additionally, the Veteran Care Action Network (VCAN), a multi-agency local team made up of key people dedicated to providing emergency solutions for Veteran care on a case- by-case basis, now exists in our community thanks to WWCC efforts, as well as collaborating local organizations, such as the David Lawrence Center.


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