WWP Visit

On May 23 & 24, 2013th of this year, Marielaina and I received an invitation to The Wounded Warriors Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.

The two day event was hosted by the Community Events Staff.  The purpose was first to personally thank the top fund raisers in the country for their work in 2012, meet their staff and senior management, share best practices, and to provide us with more of a indepth knowledge of their primary programs.  The pictures below were taken during our visit.

The Wounded Warrior Project has come a long way since its beginning 10 years ago with providing comfort items in back packs to our wounded warriors at military hospitals around the world.  The outpouring of support by patriotic Americans’ has helped to provide 18 programs and services, not only for the injured warriors, but also their families. These programs support visible and invisible injuries.   Donations this year are expected to total $220 million.  Thanks to all of our supporters who have helped us contribute funds to the WWP for a total of, $78,000, over the last two years.

Dale Mullin

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